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WiFi Hotspot Solutions

Find and create powerful wireless hotspot solutions with SAM.

Complete and affordable  Wi-Fi Hotspot Solution

If you are a café or restaurant owner and you want a new way to attract or retain clients, then a portable wi-fi Hotspot can help improve customer retention and increase your bottom line. A Wi-Fi Hotspot from SAM Solutions can be used in shopping centres, petrol stations, parks, public places and even on public transport, like metro systems or bus systems. No matter what your business type is, we have a Wi-Fi Hotspot service for your business to increase your overall customer satisfaction.

Easy access for your customers with complete security and performance

There is nothing worse than losing internet connectivity. SAM Solutions gives you an affordable and secure wireless Wi-FiHotspot that your clients can access at any time. As a client of SAM Solutions, our IT consultants can help you set up the best Wi-FiHotspot for your business. We give you a complete online dashboard for you to view online customer connectivity metrics as well as push out advertising to increase sales or promote new products and services, so you have complete control over the free Wi-Fi connection service you provide to your customers.

Enjoy the benefits of a mobileWi-FiHotspot connection for your business

With a wireless wifi-hotspot, you attract customers to your location, which increases sales and your overall customer base.  You can also use it to create your own private network that only your company can use.  Using the most secure Wi-Fi security your customers can connect to your configured prepaid mobile Hotspot without worrying about internet security risks or threats.
Our team of IT consultants are ready to set up the best Wi-Fi Hotspot for your business. From system design to implementation and configuration, we are with you every step of the way.

wi-fi hotspot solution

Five reasons to choose us for your Hotspot internet connection for your business:

  1. Complete connectivity always for your internet Hotspot.
  2. Online dashboard accessible always to view connection status and metrics.
  3. Ability to configure connection pricing system.
  4. Completely plug and play technology.
  5. Remote online support on request during our office hours from trained IT consultants

Below you can see further reasons why SAM Solutions is the best choice for helping your business set up the best Wi-FiHotspot at a price point that is affordable to you. We ensure that your customers experience minimal downtime, the fastest connections and the highest security.

  • Complete Wi-Fi-Hotspotsetup, from hardware to connection, we handle it all for your business.
  • Complete peace of mind with a one-year guarantee on all hardware we use.
  • Manage all your business wirelessWi-FiHotspotnetworks from one place on any mobile device.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Secure access using mobile access codes to keep your customers secure.

Contact us now

We can work with your company and IT staff to set up and take care of the wireless Wi-FiHotspot solution that you need. Use our portable Hotspotservices to make sure you never miss a sale, customer call or important email and make sure that you remain online always and always one step ahead of your competitors.

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