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Web Hosting

Get best in class web hosting with Sam Solutions.

Web Hosting Requirements for individual users or a personal Website

If you are just getting started with web hosting SAM Solutions is here to help.  We can help you with all the requirements you need to set up your own personal website.

This includes:

  • Choosing a domain name to use
  • Choosing the best hosting platform
  • Helping with server configuration and setup

For a personal website, SAM Solutions recommends using a website builder.  With our help, you can create a personal website that is unique to you and your content.

Web hosting for small businesses

If you are a small business and you want a website to help promote your product and increase revenue, talk to SAM Solutions today to see how we can help you make this happen.

This includes the following services:

  • Choosing a domain name to use
  • Choosing the best hosting platform
  • Helping with server configuration and setup
  • Helping with website design and creation
  • Ensuring your website is optimized for desktop and mobile
Web hosting Solutions

Web hosting for small businesses with high traffic

SAM Solutions can help businesses who already have a thriving internet presence and website increase it further.  Our team of IT professionals can advise you on ways to increase your website traffic using SEO so that your company website or sales websites leads to even more conversions.

E-Commerce hosting for small businesses

SAM Solutions also provides e-commerce hosting solutions for small businesses and their websites.  With the help of SAM Solutions, we can help you choose the correct e-commerce solution for your business and its customers.

Why do you need an SSL certificate for your website?

If your company deals in e-commerce, then you need to make sure that your connections are secure when handling sensitive financial data across your e-commerce platform.  An SSL certificate from SAM Solutions helps generate trust to your customers, because their connection with you is secure, and it also gives peace of mind that the financial data of your client is stored and processed correctly.  This minimizes the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

What is web hosting best for my needs?

There are several different types of web hosting to consider, based upon if you are an SMB or a personal user.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is ideal for those who are new to the internet and just want a basic website or blog set up.  This is because it is extremely cheap and easy to set up and is great for setting up a blog or basic personal website.

VPS Hosting

A virtual private server is better than shared hosting and allows for websites hosted this way to be faster, due to fewer users sharing the same resources.  They are also very detailed when it comes to configuring them, so you can set it up exactly to your requirements.  It is also scalable, meaning that you can allocate additional resources as and when needed to cope with customer demand to the site.  That is why this method is recommended for SMB owners that have a website but not much traffic goes to it.

Dedicated Hosting

If you already have a website with high traffic, then a dedicated hosting solution from SAM Solutions is what you need.  You get all the resources and benefits all the time.  This hosting type is best for websites that need to be continuously running fast, so it is great for SMB with websites with high traffic volume.

Cloud Hosting

This is very similar to VPS hosting, so you get all the same benefits.  Cloud hosting also helps protect against DDoS attacks and this is also a very scalable hosting solution.  If your company already has a website and you want to expand to cope with additional customer traffic then this may be the solution for your business.

SAM Solutions gives you power web hosting service you can afford


This is our ultimate web hosting service package for businesses who want nothing but the best.

  • Unlimited number of domains
  • Managed WordPress installs
  • No bandwidth speed caps
  • Complete and private IP’s, with SSL technology

This mid-range web hosting service package gives you an attractive price with realistic features too.

  • Unlimited number of domains
  • Managed WordPress installs
  • No bandwidth speed caps

This entry level web hosting service package is affordable and ideal for smaller companies who want the best range of features at the lowest price.

  • Single domain for your business
  • Managed WordPress installs
  • No bandwidth speed caps

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