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Vpn Connectivity

Virtual Private Network provide connection to a safer Internet experience.

VPN Solutions for SMBs

SAM Solutions can help your company set up the following VPN solutions to meet your business needs

Remote Access VPN

A remote access VPN gives you a secure connection to a remote network.  This allows your employees to access your network resources securely, just as if they were accessing it directly, without the VPN.  For example, if your business has salespeople out in the field and they need access securely to the company network and its resources to close deals then this solution is for you.

Site to Site VPN

A site to site internet allows multiple offices in different locations to access the company intranet using the internet.  These connections between the different office branches are fully secured.  This type of VPN extends the network of the company so that offices in one location can access the resources of an office in another location.  This type of VPN is ideal for SMB who are looking to expand with more offices around the world.

Site forMulti-Site VPN

This type of VPN allows one office in one location to access many different sites in another location.  Like with a site to site VPN the connections are fully secured.  This topology is known as ahub and spoke.  This type of VPN is ideal for companies that keep all their resources in a separate secure system.

vpn connectivity solution

Providing leading remote access VPN Solutions

SAM Solutions and its team of IT consultants can help your company set up its new corporate VPN. Remote access VPN’s can be set up using SSL or IP Security (IPSec). Most companies choose to use IPSec configured VPN’s for their business and SAM Solutions can help your company with this installation, configuration, administration and deploying of your next remote access VPN.

Let SAM Solutions set up your site to site VPN configuration

If your company is based in the U.A.E. then we can help you set up your site to site VPN. A site to site VPN allows your company to communicate securely with another branch in a different location. This is also known as a branch office VPN.
This connection between each office are done over a secure network and allows resources from one branch to be accessed by a different branch which means increased employee productivity. We can also help you configure the site to site multi VPN’s as well.
Our IT consultants are fully trained in the latest VPN technologies:

  • SSL
  • VPN
  • OpenVPN
  • L2tp VPN

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To get started setting up your company VPN, contact SAM Solutions now for a quote and our team of experts will give you a quote on the best VPN connectivity solution for your business needs.

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