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Voice Solutions

We provide all kinds of voice solutions to our customers which are reliable, easy to install and maintain.

SAM Solutions helps businesses set up their PBX system

Is your company PBX system slow? Are you missing important calls due to your internet setup and connectivity? SAM Solutions specializes in PBX solutions for your business. We have helped many businesses in the U.A.E. improve their office telephony systems.

We take care of the overall design of the PBX system and we offer a selection of PBX telephone systems to meet all office types, budgets and phone systems. With our help your company can invest in IP-phones, new telephony system for video conferencing to help you close deals with your clients quicker, faster and smarter.

Meet our digital phone systems and partners

SAM Solutions can help you set up a cloud PBX using the most popular PBX systems – including Asterisk and FreePBX.  Choose SAM Solutions for the premier partners in the world of PBX, we have many successful business relationships with the best vendors in this field

  • D-Link
  • Cisco
  • Panasonic
  • NEC
  • Avaya

Specially designed for UAE businesses who want to invest in a new PBX system

We work with digital partners such as Etisalat and DU.  To get the best digital voice solutions for you we work with you, the client, to assess your requirements and your budget.  Once we have that information we work with you to decide whether an on-premises solution is best or if a hosted solution will work better for your business needs.

Because we work with Etisalat and DU we are the point of contact with both digital providers.  Your business then works with our support team to set up the PBX system that matches your needs.  This saves you time and headache and gets the job completed sooner.

On-premise voice solutions means that everything is set up in your own office, whilst a hosted solution means that it is hosted outside of your office.


voice solutions

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Work with SAM Solutions now to upgrade your corporate phone system to take the advantage of IP phone technology. We are waiting to hear from you and ready to introduce your company to the world of IP PBX systems at a price you can afford and for performance and features that can’t be beaten.

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