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Our Virtualization Solutions offer best choice and more flexibility.

A specialist in  virtualization solutions for SMB’s

SAM Solutions can help your company save money on IT costs and save time on needing constant IT support for your IT hardware. Instead, SAM Solutions and our team of expert IT contractors can turn your business from IT hardware that costs you time and money to a sleek, cost-efficient virtualization solution which helps make your employees more productive.

Focusing on complete virtualization solutions in the U.A.E.

If your U.A.E based business is looking to limit its IT spending costs on server hardware and IT staff then SAM Solutions can help you make the step to virtualization which will save you time, money and lots of effort. Read on to see how our virtualization solutions can help you.

What are the advantages of virtualization?

Below are the main advantages your company will soon enjoy when you pick SAM Solutions to take care of your virtualization needs.

Advantages of server virtualization

  • Consolidate physical servers into virtual ones to save money, energy and cooling costs.
  • If you have a small IT department, virtualizing your servers can help save them on work tasks which makes them more efficient overall.
  • Save money on server administration costs.

Advantages of virtualization overall

  • Save time and cost of IT hardware and training
  • Save on resources, such as power
  • Increased server uptime
  • Quicker to install
  • Easier administration for corporate IT policy enforcement

Reduce IT training and server costs with a server virtualization solution

Many companies do not realize the power of server virtualization. Using server virtualization companies can have one virtual server that can be split up into other servers that can be configured independently. This allows companies to save time on server hardware and cost on replacing or upgrading server hardware when it is obsolete or becomes damaged.

SAM Solutions uses the latest server virtualization technologies, provided by VMWare and Microsoft, these are both leaders in the field of server virtualization technology. With SAM Solutions, our team of IT professionals can help your business set up a virtualized server to save money on additional hardware and save on office space because your company can have a physical computer that is split into several different virtualized servers, each being used for different parts of your company. So, with our help, you can host your company mail server, domain server or application server on one or several machines to save overall cost.

Save time and effort with a desktop virtualization solution

This can be a tough question to answer. However, desktop virtualization solutions employees are more mobile and can access your server from anywhere, using their own hardware and a secure connection, which saves time and effort.

A virtualized desktop also reduces security risks because your employees simply log in to a desktop environment preconfigured for them. They do not need to maintain it themselves or install any applications or expose the machine or company network to potential risks.

With a virtualized desktop your employees don’t need to be at the office. They can log into their desktop from any computer to access their work resources. This can make employees more productive and increase their overall work satisfaction.

virtualization solution

Improve your network performance by switching to a network virtualization solution

A virtualized network solution from SAM Solutions can help your company get more out of its network connection and bandwidth. With a virtualized network your connection can be split into several different channels so that bandwidth can be conserved or shared between employees or departments.

Each network channel can be assigned to specific network resources for your employees and your employee can access the shared resources from a single computer. There is increased security and network administration is easier to manage because network tasks, such as sharing or assigning hardware, resources or storage space, is done automatically. With a network virtualization solution from us, there is no more need for IT staff to be tied up trying to perform maintenance tasks and this saves your business in both training time, cost, hardware and office space for the servers. All your servers will be accessible virtually, easy to maintain and administrate and easy to recover if anything goes wrong later.

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