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SAM Solutions offers various security solutions to its customers.

Security Solutions for Small Businesses

If you want to keep your corporate network secure and make sure that your employees do not access part of the internet, or they download potential viruses then you need to consider a firewall for your business.

Firewall protects the corporate network from insider threats. It also protects your company from malware, antivirus, ransomware and other online threats. Many companies incorrectly rely on basic solutions that are not powerful enough to make sure that your business remains protected.

A corporate firewall from SAM Solutions comes with UTM support, that means your business gets advanced layered protection across your network and this helps reduce administrative costs overall.

Our UTM Firewall Solution allows for complete configuration from one easy to access the dashboard for administrators. This is easier than other solutions because it makes the whole administration process far simpler.

You can use the reports, which offer real-time reporting, connection graphs and logs, allows your company to prevent attacks from specific IP’s or countries from accessing your network and valuable company data. You can review these logs and apply strategies accordingly to ensure your network and company remains protected.

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Home users should still invest in a proper firewall solution

Many home users think that the firewall that they get with their operating system or antivirus package is enough for them. This is not true. Ransomware is on the rise, which means the risk of getting your valuable data encrypted so you can no longer use it is as high as ever.

Many software-based firewall solutions do not provide adequate protection against this kind of threats, the same applies to malware, trojans and remote access tools.

Our dedicated firewall solutions offer complete endpoint protection that protects all layers of the network for all your devices. They are easily configurable and quick to set up at a price that is affordable to you and each firewall is from a reputable partner, so you know you are getting quality as well as value for money.

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SAM Solutions recommends a combination of both hardware and software firewalls for the ultimate protection of your corporate network.

Contact us now and our trained IT network consultants will work with you to evaluate your business and network type and size to determine the best firewall solution to protect your company network.

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