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A complete email hosting service for your business

No matter if you are a corporation or a small business, email is the main form of communication. Without it, companies would not be able to reach out to customers or partners and this would affect the overall bottom line.
Many companies these days don’t want to spend money on server hardware or technicians to set up their email system and this is where SAM Solutions can help with its wide range of cost-effective and affordable email hosting service.
SAM Solutions specializes in email hosting for small business. We can help your company get up and running with either emails through Google or emails through Office 365.

Email Hosting Solutions

SAM Solutions offers hosting for emails that is cheap but with attractive features

Choose SAM Solutions for your email hosting service and take advantage of these great features:

  • Email server setup for Google or Office 365
  • Email server configuration
  • Your own personal email addresses at your domain
  • Full email support for all devices

Choose an email hosting package that’s right for your business

As well as the above features we offer specific email hosting packages so you can get the most features without scrimping on cost.

Choose SAM Solutions for Email hosting with Office 365

Get the power of the Microsoft Office suite, including Outlook and more for all employees of your company.  SAM Solutions covers installation, setup and configuration for all users and mailboxes and your company can take advantage of these great features.

  • Access to the complete Office suite across all devices
  • Email and calendar functionality
  • Document and version control
  • Ability to host or creating meetings with audio, HD video or web conferencing
  • Broadcast meetings using Skype for Business
  • Create work teams to increase productivity using Microsoft Teams
  • Complete and secure online file storage with OneDrive for Business

Choose SAM Solutions for Email hosting with Google Suite

Take full advantage of Google’s online apps and email hosting services, whilst also getting the benefits and Gmail and so much more. SAM Solutions takes care of the entire installation, setup and maintenance of your corporate email hosting requirements with Google.

Thanks to SAM Solutions and Google Suite, your company can look forward to these great features:

  • Corporate email handled by Gmail
  • Shared calendars
  • Online document, spreadsheets and presentation apps
  • Online video conferencing
  • Secure online file storage
  • Enterprise-grade access security

Contact us now

To get started with any of the packages above, or for more information, contact SAM Solutions now to see how we can help your company with its hosting needs and requirements.

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