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Data Recovery

Data recovery can help recover data after accident deletion, formatting, partition error, system crash etc.

SAM Solution is the key name in data recovery

Many companies are unprepared or not ready for when disaster strikes their data. SAM Solutions uses the latest continuation data protection techniques to make sure that your company data is always protected if disaster strikes.

Recovery from server failure

SAM Solutions works with your business to create a tailor-made disaster recovery plan for your business.  This is to be referred to in the event of a server failure to ensure proper recovery of important data.  We also provide backup solutions to off-site media, such as tapes or to the cloud, so that data can be restored quickly.

Recovery for deleted data on hard disks

With hard drives increasing in capacity the chances of them failing also increase with it.  The last thing any company wants is to lose important data.  If that happens we can help make sure your important company data is recovered.

Recovery for deleted data off RAID drives

We perform recovery on RAID drives on raw images, so the actual raw data is not tampered with.  We can extract the data from the image.  If the data is corrupt, then we also have the tools to help reconstruct the damaged sectors.

Recovery of external storage devices

We can also help recover data from external storage devices, such as portable USB hard drives or memory sticks if the data has been damaged by a virus or through physical damage or the data was removed by human error.

data recovery solution

What happens to the data that is recovered?

For all data recovery scenarios, we provide the data back to the client either on a set of DVD’s or using an external hard drive or the data is uploaded to a server that the client logs into and from there they can download the recovered data.

That way we make sure that the client has easy access to their recovered data.

We aim to recover as much of the data from any disaster recovery task we are given to ensure success and make sure your business is back up and running as soon as possible.

SAM Solutions provides data recovery for all your corporate computers

SAM Solutions can help your company with backup solutions for servers, backup solutions for Macs, and backup solutions for PCs. We provide companies with the best and most cost-effective Windows backup solution as well as tailor-made Mac backup solutions for companies of any size.

Contact us now

Our IT consultants are waiting to hear from you and your company to help you set up the perfect Windows backup solution as well as for Mac backup solutions also. We are ready to work with you to make sure your important business data is protected, thanks to our data recovery solutions.

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