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We provide hybrid protection that adds an extra layer of security to protect information of your company.

Backup solutions for home users

As a home user, you can never be too careful with your data.  That is why you should consider the following backup solutions:

On-premises backup solution

This is probably the easiest way for a home user to keep their data safe.  Data is backed up to an external storage media (hard drive, tape, DVD and so on).  This is easiest to set up and understand and is cost-effective.

Cloud backup solution

A cloud backup service stores your backed-up data in the cloud.  The cloud, after all, is just a collection of data centres with many servers.  For home users, personal cloud backup solutions from the likes of Google Drive or OneDrive from Microsoft are ideal for this purpose.

Backup solutions for SMBs

For an SMB picking the right backup solution is important.  Unlike a personal home user, there are several different backup solutions available.

Cloud backup solution

This is works like the solution mentioned above.  The difference is that a cloud backup server for an SMB the company can have a private cloud that only they can access for backing up their data or keeping it secure.  They can also access a public cloud service to back up their data, but it may be shared with other businesses.

Continuous data protection solution

A continuous data protection solution ensures that every single time your company data is changed in some way it gets backed up.  That means that an SMB gets a complete list of snapshots every time any data across the system is changed.

Tape backup solution

In the age of the cloud, it may seem silly that SMB is still using tapes for backups.  But the tape backup solution has several advantages over traditional hard drive backups such as being able to hold a large capacity of data on the tape, with portability, scalability, better reliability and reduced energy costs.

NAS backup solution

A network attached storage solution allows you to backup multiple hard drives in your company without having to carry the hard drive to each of your computers.  This is ideal for companies who have to backup many machines at a time.  Utilizing RAID technology, it also helps prevent hardware failure and is an always available backup solution for your business.

SAN storage solution

A SAN storage solution uses a switch or fiber channel switch to connect your business servers and disks, both offline and online.  This is a very scalable backup solution because the SAN lets you add additional tape or disk backup storage solutions to it so that your LAN is not put under pressure.  SAN also uses mirroring to a backup server for added disaster recovery functionality.

backup solution

SAM Solutions specialize in corporate backup solutions

Companies need to make sure that is protected at all time.  This means company reports, employee personal data or HR records and other sensitive data.This means that they need a disaster recovery plan if anything goes wrong.

corporate data, be it software code, sales data or financial data is backed up regularly.  This gives you peace of mind knowing that your business is being protected and your important data handled by a company that you can trust.

SAM Solutions has the corporate enterprise backup solutions to help protect your business data

Look at how SAM Solutions can help keep your business data safe with the backup solution for you.  We make sure that all our clients always get the best corporate backup solutions.

On-site backup solutions

On-site data backup allows your company to back upits important data on local storage, such as hard drives, DVD’s or tapes.  This is done on a regular basis and the backed-up data goes to a remote server.  The IT consultants at SAM Solutions can help your company set up the best on-site backup solution for every business.

Off-site backup solutions

Off-site backup has several advantages for companies if an on-site backup is not what they want.  Off-site backup allows for immediate access to the backed-up data, using the cloud, and whilst internet access is usually needed, it is not mandatory.

We can create the perfect backup solution for your business

SAM Solutions and its team of IT professionals will work with your company to make sure that you get the best backup solution for your corporate requirements.   To understand how this may benefit you can read more about the different backup types below.

Full backups of your company data

This is what it says.  An entire backup of your company data. This is perfect if you plan to backup once or infrequently. The backups can then be stored off-premises or in the cloud.

Incremental backups of your company data

For companies that backup up their important data a little more frequently, this allows you backup only the data that changed since your company last backed up your important files.  This saves you time for the overall backup process.

Differential backups of your company data

A differential backup means that your company data is backed up by one full backup and then after that all the data that has changed since the last full backup is restored.  This allows your company to have shorter restore times overall.

Why should my company choose Sam Solutions for their data backup needs?

Additionally, advantages include immediate access to the backup data from any location as well as the offline backup storage data being able to be easily shared between locations.  Furthermore, in the event of any disaster at the office, the on-site data backup will be unaffected and the backup data will still be accessible.  SAM Solutions can help your company the perfect off-site backup strategy to protect your data.

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