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SAM Solutions has all the required skills & proficiency of securing all your data & devices from virus attacks.

Antivirus solutions and malware protection for Home Users

SAM Solutions can help home users protect their system with proper antivirus solutions. There is nothing worse than being exposed to viruses or malware or ransomware and losing your valuable data.  SAM Solutions has entire antivirus solutions dedicated to helping home users be prepared for online threats.

Why is antivirus software required?

Because most popular operating systems include a basic antivirus scanner many people do not think you need additional or more powerful antivirus software.  This is wrong.  There are many reasons why you need antivirus software.

Data protection

Antivirus software helps protect your data from viruses or malware.  It also helps stop system files from being tampered with so that your computer keeps on running.

Data privacy

Antivirus software helps protect your important personal data from threats.  For example, without antivirus software, you may get a threat that sends malicious emails or content to contacts in your email address book.  Antivirus solutions help protect from this kind of threats and keeps sensitive information, such as your credit card details, safe from the wrong hands.

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Antivirus and malware protection for SMB

For a business owner using antivirus software is even more important.  Being unprotected can mean your company network is of threat and personnel records of employee or salary data is at risk of being stolen.  It also means that your company files are at risk through infections at the server level.

Antivirus protection for file servers

With the use of antivirus software, your file servers can be protected from threats by setting up nightly scans that only scan files once new data is written to the server.  This means that you are continuously protected from threats whenever data is changed on the file server.

Antivirus protection for email servers

An antivirus solution for your email server is important.  If a virus gets into this server then your company and employee’s emails and data are at risk and the repercussions can be disastrous.  With an antivirus solution, you can schedule to be done overnight when your employees are not working so that when they come to work the next day they remain protected and can immediately start work.

Antivirus protection for application servers

An antivirus solution can help keep your web-based applications safe.  The last thing you want is your employee’s to be used theapplication on this server that has been compromised.  With an antivirus solution for your company web server, you can ensure that your employees are always accessing a clean environment.

Antivirus protection for web servers

A web server is an important area that any SMB needs to protect.  This is because it dispenses websites as they are processed.  This allows your clients to access your website for example.  An antivirus solution for your SMB web server helps make sure that the websites and HTTP requests that are generated are free from viruses that could infect the customer’s machine.

What is client & server antivirus?

Every business owner needs to ensure that their servers are protected.  If their employee’s computers (the clients) are not protected, then threats can pass between the two.  Many companies think that just a firewall is enough to protect them in this case, but SAM Solutions recommends a dedicated client/server antivirus program as well as a firewall to ensure that all endpoints across your corporate network are protected from malware or ransomware.

Why pick SAM Solutions for your business-grade antivirus?

SAM Solutions and its team of experts help you pick the best antivirus solution for your budget. We go through the best antivirus solutions for you and help you pick, install and maintain the solution that meets your business needs the most.

Meet our partners who create the best antivirus programs

SAM Solutions is partnered with the leading antivirus providers, so you can trust in SAM Solutions to take care of and protect your company and its online assets.

  • Sophos
  • ESET
  • Kaspersky
  • Norton
  • Symantec

SAM Solutions can give you the best anti-malware solutions for your business

Antivirus is not always enough for companies to protect themselves. Malware is also a key factor that can cripple the important systems of any business. SAM Solutions can help your company install and choose the best anti-malware solution for your company.

We can offer you many different protection types for home or business

SAM Solutions can help your business or company protect all areas of your computer hardware as well as provide the latest cutting edge in antivirus and antimalware protection.

  • Protection against ransomware
  • Protection for macro viruses
  • Prevention of file viruses
  • Protection against trojan horses
  • Protection of viruses that attack the hard drive boot sector
  • Detection and removal of malware & spyware

With our team of trained IT professionals, SAM Solutions ensures that the antimalware and antivirus solutions that we provide are completely tailored for your business. This means that they do not cause system performance degradation or network throttling and your company, and its employees can relax, knowing that you are fully protected always.

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