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Biometric time attendance and access control solutions for SMB’s 

Currently, companies need to make sure that their employees are at work when they say they are. After all, sick leave and absence can cost companies millions of dollars a year in lost time and lost revenue. If you are worried about your employee’s attendance in the workplace, then why not invest in a biometric access system from SAM Solutions?

There are many different biometric access control products on the market today. Choosing an access control system from SAM Solutions means that you get a state-of-the-art time attendance system that can be remotely administrated, so you don’t need to be physically in the office to know who is at the office any given workday.

Not only can you use an access control system to track employee attendance, but you can also use a door entry system to prevent unwanted entry. For example, if your company is closed at night then a door access system from us is ideal to make sure that no unauthorized entry can take place and your valuable servers and hardware are not at risk of theft.

Solutions Types: Face Recognition, Fingerprint, RFID

SAM Solutions give companies the best in biometric access system hardware. Thanks to our partnership we can provide businesses with a variety of attractive biometric access system packages to suit every business type and budget.

Whether you want to track your employee’s attendance by a fingerprint scanner or facial recognition we have the hardware to do that. We also provide biometric readers that offer multiple access control solutions in one easy to install piece of hardware.

Choose an access solution from a company you can trust

With a door access solution from us, your employees simply arrive or leave the office and use their fingerprint to log in to or out of the office. This means only authorized employees can enter or leave.
When they do this the arrival and departure times of each employee are logged and sent to a central administration system that you can log into online to see which employees arrive late, or leave early or have many infrequent breaks. With complete transparency, you can quickly get complete insights into the attendance behaviour of your employee’s that you may have otherwise missed.

access control solution

Understand the type of biometric access system you can purchase from us

SAM Solutions can provide the perfect biometric access system for your business. To make sure you pick the right solution for you, take some time to understand the different methods of tracking employee attendance.

Facial recognition

You’ve seen it in the movies, now you can have it in your office. Our facial recognition hardware is easy to set up and administer and you will be very impressed with the face scanning time and overall speed of the system, with no window of error with each scan.

Ideal for: Preventing unauthorized employee’s or personnel entering the office or building.


The traditional way to track employee attendance in the office. The hardware offered by SAM Solutions ensures perfect scanning in low light as well as resistance to dust and sweat. Our biometric fingerprint scanner is easy to administrate and quick to set up.
Ideal for: Logging and tracking employee attendance. Preventing unauthorized access to your office or building.


With our RFID biometric access system to create keycards for your employees to access your office. Fast response times and a small hardware footprint that is easy to monitor and install means that you can have your perfect access control system set up in minutes.

Ideal for: Preventing unauthorized entry to your office or building.

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Work with us now to get your perfect biometric access control system installed for your business. Our team of experts are highly trained and are waiting for you to contact them so that we can work with your business and install the most effective biometric access control system that is both efficient and cost saving to you and your business.

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