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Sam Solutions provides wide range of IT solutions for businesses based in the U.A.E.

Web Solutions

domain registration solution | IT Solutions

Domain Registration Solution

Let us help your business set up the perfect domain name for your company website or your own personal website.


Web Hosting Solution

We can help your business pick the right server type and configuration to host your company online resources and services.


Email Hosting Solution

Make sure your company email is hosted on a fast, affordable and secure server by talking to our team to get the right hosting solution for your needs.


Web Development Solution

If you have an idea for a company website, contact us, we can help you take your idea from design to implementation to going live on the internet.

Security Solutions


Antivirus & Anti Malware Solution

We can help you protect your computers from viruses as well as online threats such as ransomware and zero-day attacks on your personal computers or corporate servers.


Vpn Connectivity Solution

We can help your company establish secure connections between your offices or branches so that your employees have the freedom to work anywhere, not just in the office.


Firewall Solution

Let us help protect your corporate servers or client machines with a variety of hardware & software firewalls designed to withstand online threats & keep your business & its data safe and secure.


Access Control Solution

Monitor your employee’s presence in the office with our fingerprint scanners or door lock solutions. We can help you gain valuable insight into your employee’s behavior in the workplace.

Backup & Recovery Solutions


Backup Solution

Work with us to create the best backup solution for your business to keep your data safe and secure. We offer a wide range of backup services for both personal and corporate use.


Data Recovery Solution

We offer a wide range of option to help you recover your corporate data or personal data from damaged hard drives or another device, with guaranteed results.

Other Solutions

Voice solutions

Voice Solution

We can create and install a PBX system for your office. We can also upgrade your existing PBX to take advantage of the latest technologies. Contact us now to learn more.


Wi-Fi-Hotspot Solution

We help businesses create their own secure wi-fi hotspot to generate additional customers & increase revenue. You can also use our wi-fi hotspot to set up your own secure network connection.


Virtualization Solution

Save time, money & training costs by letting us move your physical servers to the cloud with our virtualization solution. We use latest technique & offer a wide range of services to suit all company types.


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