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Windows & MAC Support

Our team of experts provide support services,depending upon your choice or emergency of your needs.

SAM Solutions provides complete support  for all PC’s and Macs in your company

As a business owner, the last thing you want to have to worry about is the hardware of your staff. After all, without working computers, your staff are less productive and that can affect your bottom line. SAM Solutions ensures that all the PC’s and Macs in your company are fully protected against any possible IT issues that may occur by providing best Windows & Mac support. We also make sure that any issues you do encounter are promptly fixed by our team of trained IT technicians.

Learn more about how SAM Solutions take care of all your company computers
We provide a wide range of services to look after both PCs and Macs. Below you can see how SAM Solutions can take care of the Windows computers or Macs in your workplace.

For Windows computers

  • SAM Solutions can help your business upgrade to the latest version of Windows
  • SAM Solutions makes your Windows computers more secure by making sure all Windows updates are installed regularly
  • SAM Solutions can migrate your Windows settings from one computer and transfer it to another
  • If you are having internet connectivity issues over LAN or WAN Sam Solutions can fix it
  • SAM Solutions can help solve any Windows driver issues for all computers in your company
  • SAM Solutions can help your company install antivirus software and keep it up to date to keep your Windows computers protected at all times

For Macs

  • SAM Solutions makes sure your Macs all run the latest MacOS
  • SAM Solutions can help your company install MacOS or OS X on all your company Macs
  • SAM Solutions can fix any hardware issues your company encounters using their Macs
  • If your company experiences any network or connection issues for your company Macs then Sam Solutions can help troubleshoot and fix them
  • SAM Solutions can help install antivirus to keep your Macs fully protected

Our technicians are fully trained and understand that time is money so with the help of our technicians your company should enjoy maximum uptime and the quickest resolution to all your Windows or Mac IT problems with our best Windows & Mac support.

How much do your PC and Mac services cost?

Every company is different so their needs are also not the same. SAM Solutions provides affordable and comprehensive pricing for a wide range of IT issues for both PC and Mac environments. Our trained consultants are on-call and waiting to ensure that they are there for you and your company in the event of any IT emergency.

What if we are unhappy with the service?

At SAM Solutions we pride ourselves on our client needs. When they give us their requirements, we listen and make sure that they are happy with the result. If you are unhappy with the service that we provide, just let us know and we will work with you to give you the result you want for your business. We pride ourselves on our customer-centric behaviour and putting the needs of our clients first.

Can you provide other IT services?

Yes, SAM Solutions can help your business develop its online presence as well as be responsible for the upkeep of your hardware, software and office environment. We make sure you get the products you need as well as making sure there is no downtime. After all, companies need to invest in a support company that can ensure that they never miss a sale, and SAM Solutions is the premier IT solutions provider for many successful businesses in the U.A.E. region.

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