Office Supplies

Get your office supplies with affordable prices.

Let SAM Solutions look after your entire office

SAM Solutions prides itself on making sure that it has lasting relationships with the latest office suppliers.  If your company needs office supplies, we aim to get it to you quicker than the competition.  Our consultants work only with the best clients and suppliers to make sure that there is always stock whenever your company may need it.

Office supplies

We can help your company never run out of stock

  • Office furniture

We can make sure your office always has the best office furniture to keep your staff happy.

  • Paper

Every office needs paper.  There is nothing worse than running out.  Let us look after your paper needs so that you don’t have to worry.

  • Electronics

Telephones, printers, keyboards, mice, we can make sure that all your office hardware equipment is kept in full working order.

  • Cleaning supplies

SAM Solutions stocks the latest cleaning supplies at the best prices.

  • Breakroom supplies

Coffee, tea, cups, plates and the rest.  Make sure your employees are always fueled up, ready to work.

SAM Solutions stocks so much more than the above.  Contact our consultants to learn more about how you can improve your office or workplace.

What if we are unhappy with the service?

At SAM Solutions we pride ourselves on our client needs.  When they give us their requirements, we listen and make sure that they are happy with the result.  If you are unhappy with the service that we provide, just let us know and we will work with you to give you the result you want for your business.  We pride ourselves on our customer-centric behaviour and putting the needs of our clients first.

Can you provide other IT services?

Yes, SAM Solutions can help your business develop its online presence as well as be responsible for the upkeep of your hardware, software and office environment.  We make sure you get the products you need as well as making sure there is no downtime.  After all, companies need to invest in a support company that can ensure that they never miss a sale, and SAM Solutions is the premier IT solutions provider for many successful businesses in the U.A.E. region.

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