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IT Support Contracts

SAM Solutions understands the need for effective IT equipment & its importance for success of a company or business.

SAM Solutions supports businesses on their own terms

Every business needs to take care of their hardware as well as their employee’s. With an IT support contact in place, your SMB doesn’t need to worry about what to do if your hardware developers a fault. This applies to all your hardware, computers, printers, scanners, servers and includes the software as well. An IT support contract from SAM Solutions gives your business piece of mind always.
SAM Solutions provides affordable IT support contacts for businesses of every size so that they are covered for every eventuality. Our IT support contracts are competitive and involve no hassle so you can focus on running your business, and not on worrying about your IT hardware.

What are the benefits of an IT support contract from SAM Solutions?
Beyond giving peace of mind there are many other benefits to having a support contract with us for your business. Think of us as a crack team of IT experts who are ready and waiting for your call whenever an IT problem may strike.
With our expert team of friendly and courteous professionals, SAM Solutions ensures minimal downtime for your business and the maximum uptime for any works that are carried out by us and our team.

  • Spend more time focusing on your business
  • Save on cost whilst maintaining the highest quality
  • Increase data protection
  • Cost-effective
  • 99% uptime for all works carried out

What can your business expect from a SAM Solutions IT contract?
Every IT contract we make focuses on your business and its needs, customers and overall requirements. That is why we tailor make every contract for each of our clients. This ensures that our clients remain happy whilst we fulfil the highest level of IT support for their business and customers.

  • Complete monitoring of your IT system all the time
  • On site visits to your office from qualified engineers
  • Incident based call-out support
  • Scheduled maintenance for your entire company
  • Monthly maintenance reports
it support contracts

Our support services
Every IT support contract we create is special. It’s a lifelong business relationship between SAM Solutions and your company. To see how we can help you today, and take care of all your support needs, see the services that we offer.

  • IT Helpdesk support
    Let us be your IT support desk. We can offer email and phone based support for your company.
  • Computer troubleshooting and diagnosis
    We can take care of your computers and perform regular diagnostic checks to make sure your company is always running at optimal performance.
  • Backup and restore services & disaster recovery
    Don’t wait for a nasty surprise that can compromise your data. Our team of specialists will help you create the perfect backup plan and disaster recovery plan.
  • Upgrades and hardware maintenance
    SAM Solutions can take care of upgrading your hardware and maintaining it. This includes computers, servers, printers, as well as application and hardware upgrades at a time that is always convenient to you.

Pick the best level of support for you
SAM Solutions offers a wide range of IT support contacts to suit all company types and budgets.

  • SAM Bronze
    This is our entry level support contract. Designed for small businesses with a handful of computers who just want the reassurance that someone will be there to help if anything goes wrong.
  • SAM Silver
    This is a mid-range level support contract. This is for mid-sized companies who may need an IT support contract for ensuring that their servers and computer hardware are always covered in the event that anything goes wrong and they always have a dedicated backup plan in place.
  • SAM Gold
    This is highest-level IT support contract. If your company has mission critical systems that absolutely cannot fail, and you want support around the clock, then our gold IT support contract is what you need. This IT support contract sets a new standard in IT support, making sure that every need of your company is met at anytime you need it.
How much do your IT support contracts cost?

Every company is different so their needs are also not the same.  SAM Solutions provides affordable and comprehensive IT support contacts for companies of all sizes.  Our trained consultants are on-call and waiting to ensure that they are there for you and your company in the event of any IT emergency.

What if we are unhappy with the service?

At SAM Solutions we pride ourselves on our client needs.  When they give us their requirements, we listen and make sure that they are happy with the result.  If you are unhappy with the service that we provide, just let us know and we will work with you to give you the result you want for your business.  We pride ourselves on our customer-centric behaviour and putting the needs of our clients first.

Can you provide other IT services?

Yes, SAM Solutions can help your business develop its online presence as well as be responsible for the upkeep of your hardware, software and office environment.  We make sure you get the products you need as well as making sure there is no downtime.  After all, companies need to invest in a support company that can ensure that they never miss a sale, and SAM Solutions is the premier IT solutions provider for many successful businesses in the U.A.E. region.

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