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About us


SAM Solutions is the complete IT solutions provider for SMB’s in the U.A.E. who are looking for a complete IT provider to help their small business or enterprise reach the next level . If your business is expanding and you need a company to help you take your business to the next level, contact SAM Solutions to see how our range of IT solutions can help your company.

Our Mission

SAM Solutions is the best IT solutions provider for SME businesses in the UAE. We help businesses with their IT infrastructure, provide remote IT support, as well as hardware and software support services. We aim to build everlasting business relationships with all our clients through our professionalism and dedication.

Our Objectives

SAM Solutions aims to please. It is as simple as that. We take pride in understanding our client’s needs and requirements. We work hard to foster communications with all SME in the UAE. We ensure the best service and the highest level of quality for all our clients in this region.

Our People

SAM Solution has a talented pool of dedicated IT professionals. They are friendly and professional, ensuring that the needs of each individual client are met. We have pride about proven track record in making sure our clients are always happy with the result.

Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience

We take our clients seriously.  From the smallest business to mega-corporations, all companies start somewhere and they all need a dedicated team of IT professional and this is where Sam Solutions is the best in providing IT solutions for all areas of the UAE.  When our clients need help, we are there, 24/7, every step of the way, to make sure they are back on their feet as soon as possible.

About Sam Solutions

Other stats about us

Did you know we put our customers and their business needs above everything else? We also believe that making our clients happy and happy is a core part of our overall mission. We have a dedicated team of consultants, who can help your company expand and grow through a wide range of IT solutions that we offer.


We take Pride in


Sam Solutions prides itself on fast service for all our clients.


With Sam Solutions, you will be working with a team of IT professionals, so your company is in safe hands.


Sam Solution provides both value and service.  We are confident that our services are well priced and affordable for all business types.


We believe in building real and long-lasting relationships with our clients and their business. We dedicate ourselves and our services to building relationships with our clients that endure.


Our consultants are trained in the latest IT technologies and skills.  We believe that our team of experts are the most skilled IT solutions team and are perfectly suited to help your business grow.


Our dedicated customer service team is available to help you. Our office worktime is Saturday – Thursday from 8:30am – 6:30pm. We are ready and waiting to help your business with any IT issue you may have. Simply contact us to get started






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